This 1/2 LB roll of cotton/poly blend is 22 ply and has 328 feet per roll. It is perfect for tying up roasts, poultry or anything else to help them keep a uniform shape through the cooking process. Also ideal for gift and parcel packaging, crafts, gardening, and a host of other applications. MADE IN AMERICA


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  • Professional grade - Twine By Design butcher's twine, also known as cooking twine, has been manufactured in the USA and used by professionals for over 20 years!
  • Strength - Our 22PLY cotton/poly twine has an average break strength of 70 LBS which makes it stronger than 30PLY. This means it's strong enough for all your trussing needs 
  • Dependability - knots tie well and hold strong
  • Kitchen Use - use for trussing turkey, forming roasts, tying rolled steak or chicken breasts, securing to your rotisserie, curing meat, and even enhancing food presentation
  • Versatility - Great for attaching gift tags, crafting, securing parcels, and many other household uses