We have been proudly manufacturing our products in our modern facility located in the US using state of the art technology for over 20 years.

Our size #36 3-strand twisted twine has been beloved by our customers for many years! We make it using high-quality, solution-dyed filament yarns. By doing this, uniform color is achieved throughout the twine eliminating the white spots and blotches common in lesser quality twine. Our colors are always true, bright, and consistent.

Additionally, these solution-dyed filament yarns produce customer favorite, multi-color variegated twine. These unique variegated color combinations are exclusively made by Twine by Design. Please feel free to suggest your color ideas to us. We love hearing from our customers!

We are now also manufacturing high-quality butcher’s and baker's twine. These new offerings are very useful in preparing poultry, meat, roasts, and much more. Our product has no artificial color, is nontoxic, tasteless, and high-temperature resistant. It is versatile enough to be used in crafts, holiday decorations, or other DIY projects.

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